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SEO: Search Engine Optimization



Search Engine Optimization is doing whatever it takes on and off your website, with help from external links and social sharing, to get your website listed in and showing up on Google. Granted there are plenty of other search engines out there. However, Google represents close to 80% of all organic and paid traffic. If we focus on what Google wants, we’ll get listed in those other search engines.

To me, SEO is like a Rubik’s Cube. There’s a whole bunch of moving pieces. Unless you know what you’re doing, any move, no matter how small, will likely make things worse. And like a Rubik’s cube, everyone you talk to will say they figured it out “accidentally one time.” While those of us who know how to really solve it (and we do), know that unless you actually know the right moves, there’s literally no way to accidentally do it.

SEO is Not a “Set It and Forget It” Effort

I like to use the analogy that SEO is like a wind-up toy. It needs to be continuously wound up. You need to be consistently working to improve it and it needs to be a continuous process – you have to keep winding it up to get it to work!


We offer complete transparency on everything we do for you every month. We provide monthly reports with everything completed the previous month and everything planned for the following month. We consult with you every month to discuss what is working and what’s not. What works for one client does NOT work for another even if you’re in the same industry, so it’s imperative to have a custom strategy created for your business and your specific goals.


Don’t pay for what you don’t need!! We prefer to customize packages based on your needs and business goals and objectives. Your needs are unique to your business and industry, we do not believe in a cookie-cutter approach. We run an initial audit to see what YOUR business needs and then after a consultation with you, we’ll customize a package that fits your needs and budget, not ours.

We work with small to medium size businesses. Whether you are locally focused or an eCommerce website, we have the experience to help you hit your goals month over month and year over year!


Beyond SEO, LLC does NOT require you to sign a long-term contract because we truly believe in the philosophy that if we’re not doing our job as search engine marketers or showing our value to your business, you should be able to leave easily and find someone else who can or we are happy to refer you.

Get help with your Search Engine Optimization today! Don’t wait until it’s too late!

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    We’re looking for great partners for our small business, and we want to ensure we are a great fit for you and can meet your business objectives and goals!

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