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A few ideas that you can steal use on your own

CRO Ideas / Examples

Let us start off by saying one of the most important things with CRO is never assume your idea will work. Always test!

Image showing A B testing

You can have what you think is the best idea in the world, but only when you test against something that already exists will you know for sure.

That said, let's dig in and see some ideas to help your site perform better.

Do This = Call to Action

You need what's called a "Call to Action" on your site. Something that tells the visitor "do this". For most sites that's gonna be some kind of button that either says "Call Today" or "Get a Free Quote".

One thing you want to think about when creating said buttons is the color of it. You want your call to action to stand out, so it actually gets the attention it deserves.

Your website likely has a main theme color. For my site it's a light blue. But you'll notice in the menu (on the phone number), and in our forms (the submit button), they are a pink color. According to Photoshop that particular color is a complementary but contrasting color to the blue in our logo. It's very different and stands out.

The only place you'll see that pink color is in places we want visitors to take an action to get a hold of us. That's what you want to look for.

Take a look at the images below to the right, which button grabs your attention more? Help us run a test by clicking on the one you think works better

Example 1 of CRO using colors

Example 1 of CRO using colors

To Submit or Not to Submit

Something we've seen time and time again is changing the submit button to something that actually matches what's going to happen after submitting the form, helps increase conversions.

What are you telling your visitors to "submit" to when they click the button on your form? What should they expect to happen after they do that?

It's hard these days to just give away your information to strangers, let alone doing it with no clue of what's going to happen when we do. So let the visitor know. On a contact form, "Send My Message" would be a great alternative. "Get My Quote" would be a good alternative on a free quote form.

Remember to mix it up and test it out! Again help be by testing with the images below to the right.

Example 1 of CRO using colors

Example 1 of CRO using colors

There's a ton more examples, but I don't want to give it all away! Get in contact with us, and I'll help your business get the most out of your website by optimizing for conversions!

Get help with your Conversion Rate Optimization today! Don't wait until it's too late!

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