Go BEYOND with killer SEO Strategies and a website that is optimized for Conversions

Beyond SEO is an inbound marketing & web development agency that takes search engine optimization to the next level. Don't just get visitors to your site, convert them into leads or customers!

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How about a little intro

What Is Beyond SEO?

We should start with an easier question...why are you here? You are looking for help so you can use the web to earn more revenue. That's about it in a nutshell right? Cool.

A typical organic SEO agency will work hard to get you more rankings and more clicks to your website. But it stops there.

Beyond SEO, based in Shakopee, MN, also does that. However, we take our SEO services a step further (beyond!). With a focus on conversion rate optimization, we work hard to get those people who come to your website, from those new listings in Google, to convert into a sale or a lead for your business!

We'll drive qualified traffic to your site and lead them down your sales funnel to turn them into opportunities!

More Opportunities = More Revenue!! $ $ $

2's Company, 3's a Crowd

Teamwork Counts

It is just 2 of us here, myself and my wife...but where we lack in number of employees, we make up for in dedication to your site.

Large inbound marketing agencies mean you're dealing with a lot of different people at times. They don't have the focus to really dig in to your site. We do! We'll work as hard optimizing your site for clicks and conversions as we do on our own.

Nikki and I have been together since 2007 and we're as committed to each other as we are to our clients!

Image of Beyond SEO Owner, Paul Kragthorpe
Paul Kragthorpe
Co-Owner / SEO Expert / Web Developer
Image of Beyond SEO Co-Owner, Nicole Kragthorpe
Nikki Kragthorpe
Co-Owner / Project Manager

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